Evaluation critical

To the editor,

Concerning your story, [“Funder ties grants to outcomes: Atlanta’s Jewish Federation deploys results-oriented funding model”, 11.29.06]:

Atlanta’s Jewish Federation is to be congratulated for this innovative approach to their funding.

Now may we hope that all U.S. Jewish federations might follow their lead, not only in their own communities but also in tracking their overseas donations.

Speaking on behalf of several Israeli nonprofits, all of which work to be very results-oriented, it is sad to see that these same goals and objectives are not employed as widely as they should be regarding Israeli donations.

Many of us who live in Northern Israel and work with people who were traumatically impacted by the summer war with Hizballah have received no funding at all although we are constantly told that hundreds of millions of dollars was raised to help.

In searching out an avenue to apply for grants from this money, we constantly run into stumbling blocks as it seems that few people are truly involved in the process of evaluating the needs and sharing the wealth.

Hopefully, one day, the Atlanta model will also arrive in Israel.

Rena Cohen, director of development, Beit Yael, Center for the Advancement of the Blind, Tsfat/Safed, Israel

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