New York tops giving list

New York and Washington, D.C., rank higher in charitable giving than other states, and three other northeastern states also make the top 10, a new study says.

The second annual “Giving Indices: Social Indicators of Philanthropy by State,” released by the Boston Foundation, proposes an alternate methodology to one used to create the Generosity Index, an annual publication of the Catalogue for Philanthropy that regularly labeled northeastern states as the least generous in the U.S.

The new report, prepared by the Center on Wealth and Philanthropy at Boston College, analyzes giving based on contributions by all residents as a percentage of income of all residents.

The new methodology also takes into account changes in urbanization that can affect the cost of living at the local level, the center says.

The Generosity Index was compiled using tax-return data, a method the center says creates an inherent bias against high-income states in favor of low-income states.

The new ranking shows people in New York giving the most, with Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts also appearing in the top 10.

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