2006 Fundraising report

Diversity trends
Diverse donors pose challenges 01.23.2007 – Donors in the U.S. have become more diverse, and charities need to work harder to understand and engage them, experts say.

Finding diverse donors
Finding new and different donors 01.23.2007 – Finding new types and groups of donors may be as much about understanding and challenging your own organization as it is about unearthing new prospects, experts say. But once youxve gotten your shop in order, there are a host of new tools and strategies to experiment with.

Engaging diverse donors
Engaging diverse donors 01.23.2006 – To engage donors, experts suggest using targeted messages whenever possible.

Fundraising: Opinion
Broadening the base 01.23.2006 – Elizabeth Crabtree talks about using research to broaden your donor base.

You had me at welcome 01.23.2006 – Charities can pro-actively reach out to new populations so their own donor bases will reflect the rich diversity that makes our communities so vibrant.

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