HUD releases homeless counts

In its first annual report to Congress on homelessness, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, has released data showing 754,000 people are homeless in the U.S. on any given night.

Results for North Carolina show 11,350 were living on the streets or in shelters on any given night.

In one portion of its study, which analyzed data from 80 randomly-selected communities across the country, 704,000 people used emergency shelters or transitional housing during the period of February to March of 2005, with a daily average of 334,744.

Almost one in three of those people was a man, the data say, and one in three was a member of a family with children.

Six in 10 were minorities, and one in five of homeless adults was a veteran.

Three in four homeless people used services in central cities, while one in four was in a suburban or rural area.

HUD also collected data from “point-in-time” counts from 3,800 cities and counties across the U.S. and found that about 754,000 people were in shelters or on the streets on a single night in January.

The department plans to continue the data collection in future years to help identify trends in homelessness.

Since 2001, HUD has awarded more than $9 billion to agencies serving the homeless, and is asking for an additional $1.6 billion for 2008.

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