Nonprofit news roundup – Week of 04.23.07

Here are the week’s top nonprofit stories reported elsewhere:

* The Treasury Department estimates that a tax break to spur support for victims of Hurricane Katrina generated $11 billion in charitable donations, more than triple the amount initially expected, The New York Times reported April 21.

* The American Red Cross named Mark W. Everson, commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, as its president and CEO, The New York Times reported April 19. The Red Cross has faced criticism of its response to Hurricane Katrina and other disasters.

* Totaling nearly 200 million throughout the world, migrants last year sent home an estimated $300 billion in “remittances” to support their families, an amount equal to nearly three times the world’s foreign-aid budgets combined, The New York Times reported April 22.

* While wealthy families increasingly are creating new philanthropic foundations, they also are shutting them down at an accelerating pace, The Wall Street Journal reported April 17.

* Permitted to deduct only the cost of the materials used in creating their donated work, many artists see more drawbacks than advantages in giving their work to charity, American Artist reported April 20.

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