Volunteer opportunities inadequate

More than half of Americans say they will not or may not increase their volunteer activities in the coming year, primarily due to a lack of opportunities that match their requirements, a new study says.

At the same time, almost half the people surveyed by Nationwide Mutual Insurance say they are not very involved in their communities or are not involved at all.

Overall, Americans are pessimistic about future as well, the study says, with more than six in 10 respondents saying they are unsure if they will be recipients of volunteer services in the years to come.

But there is a silver lining to the study results, says Chad Jester, president of Nationwide’s philanthropic arm.

“If the nonprofit sector and employers can focus on marketing, developing and matching people to the right opportunities, we may be able to drive a substantial number of new volunteers into action,” he says.

Among the factors enticing respondents to volunteer are opportunities to use personal skills, support a cause they care about, make personal connections and work directly with people being served by nonprofits.

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