Some tactics seen boosting online take

When raising money online, a few specific fundraising tactics appear to encourage more people to respond, and to give more, a new study says.

Through a review of the online fundraising appeals of nine national charities, including DonorsChoose, Oxfam America and the Wilderness Society, M+R Strategic Services identified three approaches that may boost fundraising.

While the small sample sizes used in the study prohibit generalization, the analysis generated a few suggestions.

Fundraising efforts that involve two or more appeals generate higher response rates than do single appeals, the study says, and garner an average gift of $90, compared to $55 for one-time appeals.

Communications that include deadlines for contributing also performed better, drawing an average gift of $93, compared to $60 for appeals with no deadline.

Matching gift promotions also showed slightly higher response rates than straight fundraising appeals and drew an average gift of $59, compared to $39.

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