New Zealand home to 97,000 nonprofits

About 97,000 nonprofits were operating in New Zealand in 2005, with volunteers outnumbering paid staff by about four to one, a new count says.

The nation’s non-governmental organizations were cataloged as part of an effort to analyze the scale and impact of the global nonprofit sector, part of the Johns Hopkins United Nations Nonprofit Institutions Handbook project.

Conducted by Statistics New Zealand, the count says the sector employs more than 105,000 paid staff, bolstered by more than 436,000 volunteers, with nine in 10 groups reporting no paid staff.

Almost half the nonprofits in the country are classified as “culture, sport and recreation” groups, while 12 percent are social-services organizations and one in 10 are religious entities.

A more detailed report due out in late August will place a value on volunteer labor in the county and measure the sector’s impact on the economy.

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