Raleigh mayor proposes $10.5 million for Dix

Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker has proposed the city pay $10.5 million to purchase Raleigh’s Dorothea Dix Hospital campus, a price he says is the market value of the property as a park.

In addition to the city’s offer, Gregory Poole, president of Dix Visionaries, says his group will work to raise more than $7 million from the private sector for the park.

Meeker, along with community groups Friends of Dorothea Dix Park, DIX306 and Dix Visionaries, is asking state lawmakers to sell all 306 acres on the Dix campus to the city of Raleigh for the creation of a destination park.

With the hospital slated to close soon, the future of the 306-acre campus, considered a valuable plot of land, has sparked contentious debate.

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