Nonprofit news roundup – Week of 07.09.07

Here are the week’s top nonprofit stories reported elsewhere:

* The Bethesda PGA Tour event, hosted by the Tiger Woods Charity Event Corp., is likely to raise around $1.5 million in charity, but also to spend millions on its golfers, The Washington Post reported July 5.  Not only do tournaments pay golfers an average of $5.7 million, but millions more are spent on leasing buses to buying gift bags for players.

* At least one individual and organization stood in line for hours in New York City to buy a new Apple iPhone so they could sell it on eBay and donate the profits to charity, reported June 28.

* In response to a need for directors in over 20 American museums, Agnes Gund and Elizabeth Eaton have founded the Manhattan-based Center for Curatorial Leadership to train curators, The New York Times reported June 29.

* Robert Egger, founder of the D.C. Central Kitchen, says nonprofits need to get more involved in the political discourse on hunger in America, The Washington Post reported July 1.

* Chris Hohn, who last year gave Ł230 million, or nearly $462.7 million, to the Children’s Investment Fund he founded, says the foundation has given over $1 billion, since it was formed less than five years ago, The Financial Times reported July 1.

* As corporations face pressures to reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions and buy and produce green products, a new category of environmental chiefs is taking root in the business world, The New York Times reported July 3.

* Companies rank Lions Club International as top non-governmental organization to partner with, The Financial Times reported July 5. Today’s companies have a growing interest in long-term partnerships with NGOs to work on social issues such as education and the environment, the newspaper says.

–Compiled by Angela Strader

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