Make democracy more democratic

To the editor,

It was interesting to read in the Philanthropy Journal that an organization published a report that women were not contributing as much as men to political campaigns, and to contract this with your blog about nonprofits addressing root problems.


Democracy in America could be made more democratic.

Women who contribute to political campaigns could do a big service by “earmarking” their dollars for specific political activities — any Federal Election Commission regulation to the contrary be damned.

The earmarking would best be done within the context of a plan put forth by the League of Women Voters, Common Cause and Public Citizen, for optimal effect.

Money could be earmarked, for example, to pay high-school students to organize neighborhood coffees or to fund eco-friendly campaign lawn signs and post-election cleanup, not for mindless mailers, or numbing nonsense on television.

Potentially, this would have a profound effect upon the messages received by voters from political campaigns.

The downside here is that the aforementioned organizations have not exhibited the needed outside-the-box thinking, leaving a leadership vacuum with regard to the composition of a plan.

Van Ajemian, Montebello, Calif.

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