2006 Nonprofit Technology Special Report

Getting started
Starting out small
07.25.2006  –  Technology, especially newer tools, can extend reach of small nonprofits. With a modest amount of planning and management, technology lets nonprofits spend more time pursuing their missions, and can even provide new and innovative ways to do that.
Tapping technology’s potential
Small but savvy
07.25.2006  –  Interplast uses technology to spread the word, improve patient care. With a home base in Mountain View, Calif., and children in need of its services spread across the world, Interplast is constantly looking for ways to broaden and improve its work.
Taking it to scale
07.25.2006  –  American Cancer Society uses new technologies to serve constituents. Preventing, curing and treating cancer, as well as educating the public about the disease and its causes, is the goal of the American Cancer Society, and technology is a big part of making all that happen.
Tech funding and operations
Tech-support options grow
07.25.2006  –  Market demand generates opportunities for tech funding and services. In the information economy, nonprofits are finding a growing number of market solutions to help them acquire and maintain technology.
Technology: Opinion
Nonprofits can’t afford to ignore technology
07.25.2006  –  Technology is an active and ongoing investment. Technology is changing the world. If your organization plans to do the same, it can’t afford to let technology pass it by.
Tackling technology
07.25.2006  –  Jeff Forster talks about nonprofits’ use of technology. Strong communications, supported by information technology, help nonprofits maintain the relationships that are so important to their survival.
Technology: Paid advertorials
Using your database to develop major donors                                                                                                                                          07.26.2006  –  Major gift fundraising is a topic every nonprofit should explore as an integral part of its fundraising strategy.

Technology in fundraising                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              07.25.2006  –  Ten ways technology can help your organization.

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