Wealthy Brits source for giving

The wealthiest segment of British society gives away more money than any other, but they don’t give as deeply, a new study says.

Half of the richest 10 percent of British households donate money to charity, and those who do give donate almost twice the amount of other donors, says the Family Expenditure Survey published by nfpSynergy.

But it’s the poorest 10 percent of households that give the largest share of their incomes, 3.2 percent, or four times the share given by the wealthiest group.

Given that wealthy Britons are the most likely to donate, and that they contribute more in absolute terms than any other segment, the data suggest fundraisers focus on these households, the study says.

Within demographic groups, single women and couples with no children in the house are most likely to donate to charity, the study says, and couples without children also are more likely to be wealthy.

So these groups also represent fertile ground for fundraisers, the study says.

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