Rockefeller targets climate change

The Rockefeller Foundation has agreed to pour $70 million into a new effort designed to improve communities’ ability to withstand climate change.

The five-year grant will fund Rockefeller’s Climate Change Resilience Initiative, which aims to bolster vulnerable communities by helping them manage and plan for the effects of global warming.

The effort will involve other stakeholders, including governments, funders, donors, nonprofits and private-sector groups.

In particular, the initiative will focus on poor people, who Rockefeller says will be hardest hit by the ramifications of climate change, including flooding, drought, severe storms and the spread of infectious diseases.

Asian cities and areas in Africa will be targeted, the foundation says, while the effort will work to raise awareness among Americans of the effects of climate as well as study possible solutions.

Rockefeller will begin awarding grants over the next few months.

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