Workers support overseas corporate giving

American workers believe their employers have a responsibility to help alleviate poverty overseas, and cite Africa as the continent most in need, a new study says.

Almost three in four employees say corporations should assist people abroad who live in extreme poverty, says a survey released by Millennium Promise and, and six in 10 say Africa is the top priority.

Almost half the survey respondents say their employers give to charity, while three in four individuals donate their own money, and more than a third prefer to work with a company that gives to charity.

American workers believe the biggest problem facing the poor is hunger, followed by education, HIV/AIDS and environmental sustainability, the study says.

Among those who don’t believe overseas philanthropy is important, more than half say companies should focus their resources on relieving domestic poverty instead.

When considering philanthropy in the U.S., nine in 10 people say their employers should be helping their local communities, the study says.

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