Hiring smooth among nonprofits

Most nonprofits say they are able to identify and attract qualified employees in spite of major challenges, a new study says.

While the inability to offer competitive salaries and limited potential for career advancement are the barriers cited by most groups, more than eight in 10 nonprofits are happy with the candidates they attract.

The findings of the study, conducted by the Johns Hopkins Listening Post Project, challenge the commonly held belief that that nonprofits are faring poorly in a competitive hiring market.

Attracting qualified minority candidates is more difficult, however, with almost half reporting that finding minorities for information technology positions is extremely challenging, compared to fewer than three in 10 reporting the same difficulty for candidates overall.

Finding people of color for fundraising positions is even harder, with six in 10 reporting major difficulties.

More than nine in 10 groups surveyed use word of mouth and referrals from current employees in their recruiting, the study says, and more than three in four advertise in local newspapers or post openings on other groups’ websites.

Many also recruit from their volunteer base, while others hire recent interns.

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