Corporate Giving: Jumping on the right bandwagon

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By Kevin Carlsten

When it comes to corporate giving, there are a lot of bandwagons to choose from – the most current social cause, proper corporate citizenship activity, and the high-visibility, image-polishing, sound-bite-talking stuff that’s good for business, to name a few.

Sure, corporate philanthropy is good for the bottom line of your company, but savvy corporations know there is a lot more to it than that.  Corporations involved in giving programs have to make a host of important decisions, and navigate a wide range of difficult issues.  Accountability, transparency, flexibility and sensitivity are just a few of the concerns of corporate giving program leaders.

Ask any executive or staffer and they will tell you it’s all about strategic planning, control and process.

It’s not just about what you do – it’s about how you do it and the outcome of getting it done.

Regardless of your organization’s size, location or focus, you need a system to ensure that you meet all the obligations of corporate stewardship, and maximize your “social investment.”

You have to satisfy all your constituents – your employees, your customers, the public, and the government – wow!

The most important bandwagon right now isn’t the individual cause or fundraiser – it’s about going in the right direction toward a reliable, integrated and flexible system that will allow you to respond to a variety of philanthropic issues, today and in the future.

Does your current approach deal with measuring outcomes and genuine results?

Can you incorporate volunteerism with a conventional employee payroll deduction program?

Are you flexible enough to deal with everyday gifts, as well as disaster-driven rapid response programs?

How about non-cash contributions, recognition programs and international giving?

Each year, MicroEdge hosts a Solutions Conference for the world of philanthropy.

This year’s conference in November will highlight these corporate giving issues and many others in a very special way.

Representatives from numerous prestigious organizations like The Conference Board, the Committee for Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy, Gifts-In-Kind International and others from top corporations will address the very same issues that are facing your corporate giving programs.

We’ll not only discuss the issues facing corporate giving leaders, but also the solutions that your colleagues and MicroEdge have come up with to solve them.

If you haven’t registered to attend the MicroEdge Solutions Conference, you are invited to learn more at

If you can’t attend, but want to be sure you are on the right bandwagon, contact MicroEdge at 800-899-0890 or

Kevin Carlsten is vice president of  MicroEdge Inc.

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