2006 Corporate giving report

Corporate giving: Trends

Corporations aim for strategic engagement 09.20.2006  –  Faced with growing scrutiny and expectations in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace, companies now are integrating their philanthropy into a larger strategy of “corporate social responsibility.”   

Corporate giving: An integrated program  

Wachovia builds giving into its business 09.19.2006  –  Like a growing number of companies, Wachovia has integrated its community-involvement strategy, and tied its philanthropy to its business.  

Wachovia embraces teacher initiative 09.19.2006  –  Wachovia likes Teach for America, and supports it with grants, volunteers and other partnership assistance.   

Corporate giving: Profiles

Giving in-kind 09.20.2006  –  Last year, drug maker Pfizer gave away more than $1.6 billion, almost all of it in the form of medications, making it the largest corporate donor of 2005.  

Cash contributions09.19.2006  –  Cash donations are perhaps the most direct form of corporate giving, and with an outlay of almost $223 million last year, Wal-Mart Stores was the top cash contributor among U.S. companies. And the vast majority of that cash was given out at the local level at the direction of local stores.

Encouraging employees to give 09.19.2006  –  At Kraft Foods, the employee-involvement program not only encourages workers to give to charity, it hands them the reins to a chunk of corporate cash.  

Mobilizing volunteers 09.19.2006  –  Deloitte & Touche USA donates a significant amount of money to charity. But it believes the more important measure of its philanthropy is the donation of its people’s time.

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