Nonprofits set hiring bar too high

To the editor,

I wanted to respond to your blog post on “Nonprofits need leadership,” [Inside Philanthropy, 09.17.07]

As an individual who will be graduating with a master’s degree in public administration in a few months and who has around 9 to 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, I wanted to concur with what you wrote.

I also, happen to be someone who is frustrated with the qualifications that many nonprofits are requiring in their recruiting.

Nonprofits want individuals with tons of experience — and in all honesty, there aren’t enough individuals out there with tons of experience and hence it would really be nice if they would offer more opportunities for individuals like myself to obtain a management position.

I have recently been looking at finding a new position and keep finding that there is nothing in the middle.

Organizations want either executive or manager directors, or assistants, and in today’s market, assistants are willing to get paid less for experience sometimes, and individuals like myself just want to have an opportunity to lead and can’t find them.

I am worried about the sector.

And I worry that all those problems the sector needs to address won’t be addressed because organizations really do not see the seriousness of not grooming successors.

My generation of early-30s-and-20-somethings want to be involved; organizations just need to let us.

Victoria Halfpenny, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Newark, N.J.

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