Fundraising revenue edges up

While the number of new donors in the U.S. continues to drop, the amount given by each contributor remains hefty enough to lift fundraising revenue overall, a new study says.

Median revenue growth in the first half of 2007 rose 2.1 percent over the same period in 2006, says the Index of National Fundraising Performance released by Target Analysis Group.

That forward movement comes from a 2.4 percent rise in revenue per donor during the first half of the year, making up for a drop in donor counts of 1.7 percent.

While well over half of the groups surveyed saw overall growth in revenues, the study says only four in 10 reported growth in the number of donors to their organizations.

A 4.4 percent drop in new donors acquired in the first half of 2007 is driving the declining donor count, a trend the study attributes to the country’s changing demographics and a focus by fundraisers on high-dollar donors.

To date, growth in revenue-per-donor has been sufficient to keep overall fundraising revenue on the rise, but the study warns that may not be enough if current trends continue.

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