Think creatively about asking people to give

By Claire Meyerhoff

It’s the season of giving and, if you’re in the midst of planning your winter fundraising event, it’s also the season for asking.

One of my favorite organizations is the Ronald McDonald House of Durham, N.C.

The group’s Winterfest is coming in February, and I’m helping out with those phone calls.

Who likes making those calls? Anyone?

As we dial the phone, we know this restaurant/resort/boutique/golf course is on every local nonprofit’s hit-up parade.

Thankfully, there are more yes’s than no’s.

Most of us in the creative fields think outside the box. We are also always thinking.

I was thinking last Friday when Kirby Vacuum cleaner salesman Ken Bond was in my house.

This nice young man came to my door with something I needed – a new vacuum.

After demonstrating his marvel on my wood floors, stairs, sofa and carpet, including the legendary “salt test” – I bought a Kirby.

Ken was a good salesman, but then it was my turn.

“Are you familiar with the Ronald McDonald House of Durham?”

Ken called his boss, Leon Thomas, and without hesitation he agreed to donate a Kirby Sentria Vacuum.

I have never met Mr. Thomas, but I know that I love him.

A high-end vacuum cleaner is a unique and nifty auction item that surely will help the Ronald McDonald House “clean up” at their February auction.

Claire Meyerhoff is a writer and consultant based in Raleigh, N.C., and Washington, D.C.

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