New effort aims to cut agriculture emissions

A new effort is aiming to boost the environment in California by reducing significantly the toxic emissions generated by the state’s agricultural industry.

Farming is responsible for about a tenth of the greenhouse gas emissions in California, a footprint the new Climate Change Agricultural Initiative aims to lessen.

Funded by the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund and the Morgan Family Foundation, the effort is managed by Sustainable Conservation, a San Francisco nonprofit that helps the private sector protect the environment.

The effort is billed as a win-win, designed to reduce global warming while offering economic benefits to the state’s farmers.

Specifically, the initiative aims to support farming methods that reduce emissions and trap carbons, encourage a market-based program to offset carbon and push for the development of renewable energy sources made from agricultural crops and waste.

In the process, farmers will reap economic benefits by selling the value of their reduced emissions in new “carbon markets” designed to reduce overall emissions, and by producing renewable energy.

The Goldman Fund and the Morgan Family Foundation each has pledged $600,000 over three years for the effort.

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