Knight Foundation invests in Detroit

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation plans to expand its investment in the Detroit area by funneling almost $7 million into local neighborhoods.

The new funding will be in addition to the Miami-based foundation’s current funding of arts and cultural groups in and around the city.

The Detroit Local Initiatives Support Corp. received $3 million, the largest share of the funding, to boost communities by expanding capital investment in real estate, increasing family wealth, improving access to education and stimulating the local economy.

The Next Detroit Neighborhood program received $1.25 million to implement plans to use vacant land for affordable housing in the Northend neighborhood.

Holy Cross Children’s Services will use $1.3 million to create employment opportunities for African American men in the Northend area through the Wings of Faith day labor program.

The foundation aims to increase access to the digital world and the internet through a $200,000 grant to the Child Care Coordinating Council.

And City Connect will use a $240,000 grant to help the efforts grantees network with one another.

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