She Gives

Erin Byrd

Women have given me ninety percent of everything I’ve ever received.
Love, encouragement, hope, opportunity,
Wisdom, advice, strength and money,
Support, clothing, food and care,
Women helped me in my darkest moments to bare
The hard lessons and struggles we all face in life.
She gave to me and I’m here
With her help, I overcame that strife.

I bet this could be your story as well
because all women have a “She Gives” story they can tell.

From birth to death
Women are the Mother of Nations.
We give our love
To honor all Creation.
I give thanks every day
That God chose my mother, sisters, and friends for me.
Their love strengthens and encourages me to be free.

As women we are blessed to give and share sisterhood.
We give just a look and it’s all understood.

We give a smile and brighten the day.
We give our social capital
And for other women clear the way.

We give Treasure.
We’re the ones that cut most of the checks
And we don’t mind helping if you’re down on your debts.

We give talent.
Who do you think are the volunteers?
Church, PTA, to shifts at the shelter
We are always willing to strengthen the team.
Women taught me what giving really means.

Mary McLeod Bethume said,
Next to God we are indebted to women,
first for life itself and then for making it worth living.

I love being a woman.
“She Gives” means to me
That we stand arm and arm and claim our liberty.
Claim our rights to be in our bodies and free
From oppression and degradation
And equal partners in the building of our Nation.
In the end I know Women will build the “Beloved Community”
Because we give so freely and endlessly.

Written for the North Carolina Network of Women Giver’s Conference, Asheville, Oct. 30, 2006.

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