Employees want ‘green’ offices

A new survey says office workers want to go green, and a new book aims to help them.

A recent National Geographic survey found eight in 10 U.S. workers it polled say the environment should be a top priority at the workplace.

However, only slightly more than half say they work at a place with the same priority.

Yet almost nine in 10 say they would be “very” or “somewhat” likely to act themselves, if given tips to make their offices greener.

A new book by marketing and communications professionals Kim McKay and Jenny Bonnin and business journalist Tim Wallace provides 100 ways for companies of varying sizes to become more environmentally conscious.

“True Green @ Work: 100 Ways You Can Make the Environment Your Business” suggests a number of solutions, such as shutting down computers, buying indoor plants, and using recycled paper and double-sided printers.

It also includes green practices requiring a larger investment, like purchasing eco-friendly furniture or adopting flextime and telecommuting arrangements.

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