CEOs assess corporate giving

Corporate giving gives companies an opportunity to be authentic, competitive and global in their reach, corporate leaders say in a new report.

Rather than treating it as an obligation, corporations should view their giving programs as a competitive opportunity, CEOs and chairs of companies like Alcoa, McGraw Hill and McKinsey & Co. say in the report.

Based on the third annual “Board of Boards” conference in February sponsored by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy and The McGraw-Hill Companies, “The CEO’s Challenge: Leading the Company, Shaping Society” also concludes global giving has growing relevance of for companies whose business is gradually moving overseas.

The report says incorporating business-management techniques in all giving programs, at home or abroad, usually leads to more sustainable programs built to withstand scrutiny and attain maximum impact.

Beyond a competitive edge, many top executives at the conference cited the importance of authenticity in giving programs.

Corporate gifts should resonate with a company’s brand and culture, they said.

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