Nonprofit web traffic, revenue up

Some nonprofits are seeing growth in the number of people visiting their websites, and in online revenue, a new study says.

Conducted by Convio, a tech firm serving nonprofits, the Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index Study analyzed data from more than 400 of the firms clients, which together have had transactions from nearly 40 million constituents.

For organizations with fewer than 250,000 email addresses on file, the number of unique web visitors over the past year grew 10.8 percent, the study says, while traffic soared 34 percent for groups with more than 250,000 addresses on file.

Overall, 3 percent of those unique visitors became subscribers, up slightly from 2.8 percent the year before.

Revenue from online sources, including e-commerce activities, was up 25 percent, the study says.

The average gift size among nonprofits in the study grew from $56 to $60, which Convio says is higher than the average gift from traditional channels like direct mail and telemarketing.

Across all clients using Convio’s online platform, email files grew 32 percent, a rate the company says provides nonprofits an opportunity to engage with more of their constituents.

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