Nonprofit offices getting greener

Nonprofit offices increasingly are making green choices, a new survey says.

Eco-printing software and refurbished computers are becoming common fixtures in nonprofit offices, almost four in 10 of which now offer environmental programs and services, says a recent survey by TechSoup.

The San Francisco-based technology resource and assistance provider polled a diverse selection of nonprofits, with budgets both below and over $1 million, in anticipation of the launch of its new environmental-technology resource, Green Tech.

The survey finds growing awareness of green issues, not just among environmental groups, but also among organizations focused on youth, education and civic engagement.

More than six in 10 survey respondents report using recycled or refurbished products.

Environmental impact, cost and the availability of credible information are cited as major considerations in nonprofits’ decisions to go green.

Technical support and system reliability also are a concern for those who have already purchased green equipment.

“The survey revealed a clear need for accurate information about what is available to nonprofits that wish to take advantage of green technology products and services,” Anna Jaeger, co-director of TechSoup’s Green Tech, says in a statement.

Roughly half the survey respondents say they relied on word-of-mouth for information on green technology, and more than two-thirds say information on reducing use of paper and power, proper electronics recycling, and green-technology purchasing would be most useful.

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