Strengthening fiscal roots

This is the third in a three-part resource series from PJ on grassroots transitions.

Brands in transition

Drew Neisser, founder and CEO of Renegade, says changing brands mid-stream could set your organization back, but expanding your mission can work if you include old supporters in the process and mix in new ones. This is the second article of a two-part series on grassroots branding.

Grassroots capital campaigns

Kim Klein, editor of the “Grassroots Fundraising Journal,” offers a hands-on approach to conceiving, structuring and implementing a capital campaign in this article for fundraisers of all types, from the greenest to the most seasoned.

When your planned-giving program grows up

Veteran development professional Robin Ganzert offers advice on the planning and infrastructure nonprofits need when they are ready to move beyond bequests in this Q&A with PJ.

See Part 1 for articles on maintaining mission in transition, founder’s syndrome and assessing growth potential.
See Part 2 for articles on grassroots branding, starting or granting to endowments, and building a fundraising culture.

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