Nonprofit news roundup for June 10, 2008

France‘s Chiraq starts foundation

Former French President Jacques Chirac has launched the Chirac Foundation, based in Paris, with the goal of improving water supplies in poor countries and combating deforestation and desertification, the International Herald Tribune reported June 9. The new funder also will fund efforts to save dying languages and cultures, with a particular emphasis on Africa.

Lines between nonprofit and for-profit blur

Lines between nonprofit and for-profit enterprises may continue to blur as nonprofits adopt new models like venture philanthropy and microfinance, and as businesses spend more time and money on social issues, the Financial Times reported June 7. Leaders in the transformation are nonprofits with missions of supporting for-profit entrepreneurs, who often are micro-business owners in developing countries who create local wealth and jobs through the buying and selling of their wares.

Crises call for ‘strategic clarity’

During times of crisis, charities must make difficult decisions about how to allocate their resources, but many nonprofit have no processes in place to develop the “strategic clarity” to do that well, Susan Colby and Nan Stone said in a column in Forbes June 9. By basing decisions on the “intended impact and theory of change,” charities can better react to crises and disasters.

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