Columnist hides behind anonymity

To the editor,

I was terribly disappointed with the editorial column by the anonymous person.

To me it was a “non editorial,” begging the reader to ask finally, “Who is this author and, if he/she has these comments, why not be ‘out there’ providing a useful critique rather than this meaningless gripe?”

Does this person have a broad understanding of how foundations work and perform, or is his/her experience limited to one or two foundations?

The author returned at least twice about consultants who basically milk the foundation with their groovy ideas.

I mean, really, that is just too much.

If it is true, let the audience get a good look at who these “consultants” might be.

The author hides behind “anonymous” instead of being brave to call out these foundation people who are mediocre at best and just plain stupid at worst.

I guess like many in the philanthropic world, he/she does not wish to burn their bridges.

Roberta d’Eustachio, New York

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