IBM and Bridgespan team up

IBM and the Bridgespan Group are joining forces to launch a program that will help interested IBM employees make the transition to careers in nonprofits.

The initiative is designed to address the shortage of leaders in the nonprofit sector caused by Baby Boomer retirement and overall sector growth.

More than 640,000 new nonprofit leaders will be needed by 2016, says “The Nonprofit Sector’s Leadership Deficit,” a study produced by Bridgespan, a nonprofit offering strategic consulting and executive-recruiting services to nonprofits.

The initiative also will address the nonprofit sector’s increasing need for business and technology skills.

Through the Bridgestar initiative, the two partners will build an online platform and program to give IBM employees and retirees access to tools that will help them assess their readiness for transition to nonprofits, seek job opportunities and receive mentoring.

After a pilot with IBM, these resources will be made available to other nonprofits and corporations to start similar initiatives.

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