Nonprofit news roundup for Aug. 11, 2008

Companies go green amid environmental concerns

In response to increasing investor concerns about global warming and dwindling natural resources, more companies are creating board groups devoted to environmental issues, The Wall Street Journal reported Aug. 11 (see environment story). About one in four Fortune 500 companies now have a board committee overseeing environmental issues, compared with fewer than one in 10 five years ago.

Nonprofit aims to curb donations to conservatives

Accountable America, a new political nonprofit “on the left,” plans to confront donors to conservative groups to stem contributions, The New York Times reported Aug. 8 (see conservative story). This week the group will send letters to the biggest donors to Republican candidates, warning of potential dangers such as public exposure and investigations by watchdog groups into donations.

StevenPR partners with ARM to fight debilitating disease

Beverly Hills-based StevenPR, a global public-relations company, has teamed with nonprofit ARM to step up efforts to cure hereditary inclusion body myopathy, MarketWatch reported Aug. 11. StevenPR is donating profits and services to promote research on the disease, which causes progressive muscle wasting in the arms and legs.

In brief:

* Palestinian intelligence agents have ordered two schools for needy children and two other West Bank charities to close because of suspected ties to Hamas, the Associated Press reported Aug. 10.

* Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk, one of the most prominent non-American donors to Bill Clinton’s foundation, leads philanthropy efforts in Ukraine, The New York Times reported Aug. 7.

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