Nonprofit news roundup for Aug. 12, 2008

Charities let donors control funds online

A new type of charity, including groups like and, lets donors contribute funds to particular projects and track the impact of their donations online, The Wall Street Journal reported Aug. 12 (see online story). Though these organizations give donors more control, critics say restricting funds limits what more traditional charities can do.

University of Chicago ends campaign with $2.38 billion

University of Chicago officials announced the end of the school’s fundraising campaign Monday after raising $2.38 billion, The Chicago Tribune reported Aug. 12 (see Chicago story). The campaign, which was supposed to end last year, was extended to meet the school’s $2-billion goal.

Trinity College sets fundraising record

For a third straight fiscal year, Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., has set fundraising records, The Hartford Courant reported Aug. 12. Gifts to Trinity totaled $36.6 million, a 32 percent increase over the previous year.

Soldiers bike down West coast for charity

Capt. James Harrison, founder of nonprofit Cycling for Soldiers, set off Sunday with Grenadier Guardsman Capt. Andrew Tiernan on a 1,800-mile bike ride from Vancouver, B.C., to San Diego, Calif., to raise money in support of the armed forces, CNN reported Aug. 11. Harrison and Tiernan, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, intend to ride 100 miles a day for 18 days to raise £20,000, or $38,800.

In brief:

* Helene Gayle, president of CARE and longtime AIDS activist, may be in the running for secretary of health and human services or surgeon general if Sen. Barack Obama is elected president, The New York Times reported Aug. 9.

* Members of disabilities groups protested at the Monday premiere of the new Ben Stiller movie “Tropic Thunder,” alleging the film ridicules the mentally disabled, the Associated Press reported Aug. 12.

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