Young donors seen likely to contribute more

As the economy continues to slide, young professionals ages 25 to 34 are looking to increase their donations to nonprofits, while donors over age 65 are more likely to curb their giving, says a survey by Grizzard Communications Group.

This finding “demonstrates that organizations have the opportunity to develop and sustain relationships with a large number of young people that are just now entering the giving arena and eager to make a difference in their community,” Terry Barber, vice president and senior strategist for Grizzard, says in a statement.

While 13 percent of respondents said they expected to increase their giving for the remainder of 2008, 29 percent said their giving was likely to go down as a result of the economic slump.

Donors are also more likely to increase their giving if charities communicate how gifts are used or confirm that donor contributions are matched by corporate sponsors, the survey says.

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