Youth gather to begin grants process

GREENSBORO, N.C. – More than 300 high-school youth are getting together to begin the process of awarding more than $160,000 in grants to communities across the state.

The third-annual North Carolina Youth Giving Summit, titled “The Art of Giving,” will be held Oct. 25 in Greensboro.

The grant funds have been donated by philanthropic groups across the state as a way to help youth better understand the process of philanthropy.

The summit will provide the youth with training and planning help so they will be equipped to decide, on their own, which community groups will receive grants.

Final decisions will be made later in the program year.

The session will be led by Leading to Change, a Charlotte-based training group, with help from NCGives, which coordinates the North Carolina Youth Giving Network.

Young people attending the summit are selected by community and church leaders and will represent 25 counties across the state and 20 tribal communities.

Rock-artist David Garibaldi will deliver a message on artistic giving as he paints, to music, murals of Martin Luther King, Kanye West, John Lennon and Albert Einstein.

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