Colleges match Boomers with ‘encore careers’

Ten community colleges across the U.S. are offering programs to help match Baby Boomers with fulfilling second careers in education, health care and social services, says a report by Civic Ventures, a San Francisco-based think tank.

“Our schools, hospitals and community-service agencies need talented employees, and research shows that Boomers want meaningful work,” Marc Freedman, CEO of Civic Ventures, says in a statement.

Civic Ventures, with support from the MetLife Foundation, provides each college with $25,000 to help match Boomers’ work experience to careers that have a positive impact on society.

The colleges offer programs providing career-transition, job-placement and support services.

Colleges offering these programs are located in Arizona, California, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas and Virginia.

Half of 44-to-70-year-olds expressed interest in “encore careers” that offer continued income and the opportunity to make a difference, says a study by Civic Ventures and the MetLife Foundation.

Founded in 1998, Civic Ventures aims to engage Baby Boomers as a force for social change.

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