Nonprofits boards remain low-tech

Nonprofit boards in general have been slow to adopt technologies that could lower costs and increase effectiveness, a new study says.

To handle communication with and between board members, the average nonprofit still relies on traditional technologies like one-on-one phone calls, email and face-to-face meetings.

Newer technologies, such as board portals and public websites, are less common, says the study by the Alliance for Nonprofit Management and BoardEffect.

On average, nonprofits spend more than $7,500 annually in direct expenses and staff time to manage their boards.

Seven in 10 groups say it takes two to five staffers to prepare board documents, and six in 10 say the process takes 10 or more hours a month.

Nonprofits’ use of technology does not seem to be related to the age of board members or to the nonprofits size or age, the study says.

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