Small businesses play big role in giving

Despite economic woes that have placed a strain on companies worldwide, small businesses in the U.S. are serious about giving back to their communities, says a study by The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Businesses with annual revenues of $100,000 to $250,000 gave a median amount of $500 to $2,000 in cash last year, says the survey.

Of these businesses, more than six in 10 donated cash, more than five in 10 volunteered and nearly four in 10 contributed products.

More than six in 10 small businesses gave to social-service organizations, while more than five in 10 gave to educational organizations. Fewer than three in 10 contributed to environmental causes.

Six in 10 small-business owners said the slumping economy has put a damper on their giving, with almost four in 10 donating less this year than the previous year.

And over four in 10 small-business owners said their businesses are not giving enough to charity.

However, younger entrepreneurs are more likely to make a place for philanthropy in their corporate strategies, the survey says.

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