Greensboro United Way midway in drive

Todd Cohen

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Halfway through its annual drive, which has a goal of raising $13 million, United Way of Greater Greensboro says it has raised just over $6 million.

The total includes $497,000 from 301 donors giving over $1,000, and $129,000 from donors giving over $10,000.

Compared to 2007, employee giving is up 8.4 percent at Syngenta, 5.9 percent at Lorillard Tobacco Co., 13.4 percent at VF, and 23.6 percent at Kay/Ecolab.

Giving by United Way’s board of directors is up 13 percent, with all members of the board participating.

The campaign is chaired by Ed Kitchen, vice president of the Joseph M. Bryan Foundation and former Greensboro mayor.

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