Economic crunch hits Cumberland County

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – The economic crisis has touched nonprofits throughout Cumberland County, says a survey of 18 local partner agencies of the county’s United Way affiliate.

Many nonprofits are struggling to address sagging revenues and surging community needs, the survey says.

Nearly half of Cumberland County nonprofit agencies have seen a drop in revenue in the last three months, compared with the same period last year.

More than four in 10 reported cuts in individual donations, and over three in 10 reported a decrease in corporate and foundation giving.

At the same time, over six in 10 agencies are experiencing a jump in demand for services, and some are seeing more first-time clients come through their doors.

These changes are motivating many Cumberland County nonprofits to restructure.

Over half have dedicated more staff time to fundraising and have reduced non-personnel expenses such as travel and supplies, and more than three in 10 have been forced to cut programs or services.

Despite the bad news, nearly all nonprofits were optimistic about the future.

“This is a great year to show everyone how Cumberland County comes together and digs just a little bit deeper to lift up our friends and neighbors,” Roberta Humphries, director of resource development for United Way of Cumberland County, says in a statement.

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