Entrepreneurs seen as confident in recession

Despite anxiety brought on by the economic crisis, nearly six in 10 entrepreneurs say they would keep their current levels of social responsibility steady, while a quarter plan to increase their philanthropic efforts, says a survey by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Over a third of entrepreneurs worldwide say they would boost “green” initiatives, while more than four in 10 would maintain their current levels, says the “2009 Entrepreneurs’ Organization Global Economic Forecast Survey.”

“The outlook for this year rings with a tone of optimism in the face of economic hardship,” Dave Galbenski, chairman of the organization’s global board of directors, says in a statement.

Seven in 10 entrepreneurs express confidence they would ride out the recession, and more than eight in 10 say they believe businesses have a crucial role to play in economic recovery.

One in five entrepreneurs say they are more likely to start a business now than they were last year, while a more than half say they are equally as likely.

And nearly half expect revenues to increase this year, while a quarter expect revenues to remain steady.

However, business owners across the globe said they are grappling with serious concerns.

Nearly nine in 10 are worried about the current economic climate, seven in 10 expressed concern about the rising cost of health care, and more than half say they are anxious about obtaining funding, the survey says.

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a network of more than 7,000 business owners in 38 countries.

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