Council raps ‘single template’ for philanthropy

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy mistakenly assumes all foundations should make grants in the same way, the Council on Foundations says in response to the committee’s recent report, “Philanthropy at its Best.”

Though stressing it appreciates the committee’s efforts to strengthen the nonprofit sector, the council says it objects to the use of a single set of rules to dictate how foundations should support charitable programs.

“Diversity of purpose and perspective defines the mission of each philanthropic organization,” the council says. “Given this belief, we cannot endorse mandates, or imposed measures that seek to promote a one-size-fits-all approach.”

The council says voluntary, inclusive leadership, as well as an absence of government regulation, would allow philanthropy to thrive.

The Council on Foundations is a nonprofit membership association of more than 2,100 foundations and corporations that aims to promote effective philanthropy.

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