Raburn leaves The Child’s Advocate

RALEIGH, N.C. – After one month on the job, Stephen Raburn no longer is executive director of The Child’s Advocate.

"It just didn’t work out," says Sally Scherer, founder of the group, a startup that aims to provide free legal representation to children involved in custody and other court cases in Wake County.

For the time being, Scherer is filling the role of executive director, with support from lawyers and mental-health professionals who assist the organization and serve on its board.

The leadership change will not affect the organization’s plans, says Scherer, who hopes to hire a lawyer and a contract mental-health professional within the next few months and begin serving Wake County children.

"I’m adamant that kids need to be heard and need to be part of the process in a healthy and constructive way," she says. "It’s their lives that are at stake.
The group also plans to move into the downtown-Raleigh offices of Legal Aid of North Carolina once space becomes available.

Raburn declined to comment on the reason for his departure.

He is in the process of finalizing his next steps, he says.

"I continue to be very supportive of the organization," he says. "It’s a fantastic organization and really excellent people that are involved."

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