Nonprofit news roundup April 20, 2009

Former Google exec gets White House social-innovation job

Sonal Shah, who headed Google Global Development Initiatives, the philanthropic arm of, has been named head of the new Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation in the White House, IndiaWest reported April 16. Shah was a member of transition team that advised the incoming
Obama administration on “innovation and civil society.”

Nonprofits seek senior managers

Many nonprofits have been looking for months to fill key management jobs, with roughly 77,000 senior management positions at nonprofits open in 2008 and another 24,000 expected to open this year, according the Bridgespan Group, The Wall Street Journal reported April 20.

Career-changers looking at nonprofits jobs

Nonprofit jobs are popular with people changing careers who, after years in business or feeling disaffected in their jobs, want to give back or give meaning to their work, The New York Times reported April 14 (see nonprofit careers story).

British charities see more job applicants

Job applicants seeking charity jobs have increased threefold as young professionals seek more honorable careers, the Sunday Times in London reported April 19 (see British charity story).

Canadian colleges cut programs, add students

In an effort to plug widening budget gaps, colleges and universities in Canada are cutting degree programs, imposing hiring freezes and trimming scholarship budgets, CBC News of Canada reported April 17 (see Canadian colleges story). Some schools are working to increase enrollment as a source of income, with the University of Calgary aiming to grow its undergraduate enrollment by about 1,500 students.

‘Slumdog’ creators donate for kids in Mumbai slums

The makers of Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire, including the film’s director and producer, will donate a total of about $745,000 over five years to Plan, a charity focusing on children’s development in India and other countries, The New York Times reported April 16 (see Slumdog charity story). The funds will be directed to a program benefiting children in the slums of Mumbai, the Indian city where the movie is set.

Downturn hits Baptist churches in Texas

Baptists churches in Texas are feeling the pinch of tightening belts, with the state’s Baptist General Convention reporting $10.1 million in Cooperative Program receipts for the first quarter of the year, down 3.6 percent from last year, The Baptists Standard reported April 16. The convention’s investments by the end of 2008 had dropped to $88.3 million, down from $124.2 million the year before.

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