Nonprofit news roundup for May 7, 2009

Clinton calls for charitable innovation in solving problems

Former President Bill Clinton called on U.S. foundation officials to find new ways to work together and with government in tough economic times, and to find more effective and innovative ways of addressing tough problems, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported May 7. Finding answers to the question “how” is the business of nonprofits, Clinton said in a speech in Atlanta at the annual conference of the Council on Foundations.

Nonprofit option suggested for ailing newspaper industry

U.S. Sen. John Kerry says the federal government could boost the ailing newspaper industry by giving tax breaks to newspapers or letting them operate as nonprofits to help the ailing newspaper industry business survive, Reuters reported May 6 (see nonprofit newspapers story). Without newspapers, which have suffered a plunge in
advertising revenue, debt that is getting harder to repay and the loss of print subscribers to free online news websites, Kerry and other lawmakers said at a Senate subcommittee hearing, too few journalists will be serving as watchdogs for government, business and individuals.

Head of nonprofit suspected of Iran links indicted

The president of a nonprofit the U.S. government has long suspected of acting as a front for Iranian spying and anti-American activities has been indicted on charges he allegedly destroyed documents just one day after getting a grand jury subpoena instructing him not to do so, ABC News reported May 6 (see nonprofit indictment story). Farshid Jahedi, president of the Alavi Foundation in New York City, allegedly destroyed documents responsive to a grand jury subpoena in a federal proble of the foundation’s alleged links to a bank accused of supporting Iran’s nuclear program.

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