Women give $174 million for women

More than 90 women across the U.S. have given at least $1 million to raise a total of $174 million.

Women Moving Millions, a three-year-old effort, encourages women to give at least $1 million to improve the lives of women and girls.

The gifts are directed to the Women’s Funding Network, which is made up of 140 women’s foundations that support solutions, led by women, to problems like poverty and access to education and health care.

“They recognize that giving more, not less, is what is needed when we are in the midst of economic crisis,” Helen LaKelly Hunt, co-founder of Women Moving Millions, says in a statement. “Never before have women of wealth written large checks to fund women’s causes. This is an historic moment in women’s philanthropy.”

The effort was started by Hunt and her sister, Ambassador Swanee Hunt.

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