Nonprofit news roundup May 20, 2009

Women shaping future of philanthropy

A new study by the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund says that as they create their own wealth and continue to outlive men, women are shaping the future of giving, the Boston Globe reported May 19. The study also says wealthy women are more likely than other donors to give publicly, rather than anonymously.

Poor in U.S. more generous than wealthy

Poor Americans give a bigger share of their income than do wealthy Americans, McClatchy Newspapers reported May 19. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest survey of consumer spending shows the poorest fifth of America’s households gave 4.3 percent of their incomes, on average, to charities in 2007, compared to 2.1 percent given by the richest fifth. The data likely undercount remittances by legal and illegal immigrants to family and friends back home, a multibillion-dollar outlay to which the poor contribute disproportionally.

Philadelphia-area nonprofits struggling

A new study says many nonprofits in the Philadelphia area are suffering funding shortfalls, layoffs and reductions in programs, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported May 19. The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University’s School of Business, which conducted the online survey of 185 area nonprofits this month, found 40 percent running a budget deficit this year, double the number that ran a deficit last year, while nearly seven in 10 nonprofits reported an increase in demand for their services.

Laid-off workers volunteering

With layoffs continuing, local and national nonprofits say growing numbers of laid-off corporate workers are looking to volunteering as a way to survive the recession while networking for possible new jobs, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported May 19.

Recession hits University of Iowa Foundation

The University of Iowa Foundation is furloughing employees and reducing benefits to cope with the recession, The Associated Press reported May 19. The foundation also is instituting a hiring freeze and eliminating raises in the next fiscal year.

Russian supermodel’s charity builds playgrounds for urban kids

Naked Heart Foundation, a charity founded by Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova to provide playgrounds for Russia’s urban youth., has built 23 playgrounds throughout the country, with 15 more in the pipeline, CNN reported May 15 (see supermodel’s charity story).

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