Nonprofit news roundup for June 3, 2009

Hospitals rally against proposed charity-care mandates

The nation’s nonprofit hospitals are preparing to mount a lobbying effort to dissuade Congress from mandating how much charity care tax-exempt hospitals must perform, The New York Times reported May 31 (see charity care story). The American Hospital Association says the proposal, brought up as part of national health reform, would penalize some hospitals more than others.

Kaiser Foundation launches health news service

The Kaiser Family Foundation launched Kaiser Health News, a web-based health news service staffed by 18 journalists, Broadcasting & Cable reported June 1 (see Kaiser Foundation story). The organization, led by former staffers of The Wall Street Journal and NPR, will report on health policy, which Kaiser says is critical as the country faces health-care reform and “turmoil” in the media industry.

Charity marathons may push some participants too far

As charity marathons gain in popularity, some worry the combination of fundraising and training to run 26.2 miles could be a harmful combination for new runners, The Chicago Tribune reported June 1 (see charity marathon story). Some participants may feel pressured by their fundraising promises to continue their often grueling training regimens even when the demands could have a negative impact on their health.

Startup ‘scalps’ tickets for charity

A Boston startup called Charity Partners Inc. is selling concert tickets at marked-up prices and donating the overages to charity, The Wall Street Journal reported June 1 (see charity scalping story). To date, the group has raised more than $3 million for causes like Habitat for Humanity and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Wealthy U.K. donors continue to give

Despite the recession, wealthy donors in the U.K. are continuing to give, with nine in 10 planning to give as much or more this year, says a new survey by Coutts, Wealth Bulletin reported June 1 (see U.K. giving story). More than four in 10 donors cited a desire to give back to community as a primary reason for giving, while about 16 percent were looking for tax breaks.

Volunteer days scramble for public’s attention

With the proliferation of volunteer days and months, new efforts like Mandela Day, which encourages people to perform 67 minutes of community, are fighting for awareness in a crowded field, The New York Times reported June 1 (see volunteer story). Interpublic Group of Companies is launching a $5 million campaign in New York State to raise awareness for Mandela Day and to encourage people to volunteer.

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