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Women lagging in political giving


While women in the U.S. cast more votes than men during the 2008 election cycle, their monetary donations lagged, a new report says.

Political contributions from women accounted for less than a third of all donations to candidates, political action committees and political parties, says “Vote with Your Purse,” a report from the WCF Foundation.

And while political donations by women grew by $381 million between 2006 and 2008, only about a third of those contributions benefitted women candidates.

“We control half the nation’s wealth, make up a majority of the electorate, but sadly, we are not making the necessary investments politically,” Sam Bennett, president and CEO of the foundation, says in a statement. “Money in politics is perpetuating the gender divide in public office.”

During the 2008 election season, male incumbents in the U.S. House raised an average of $196,281 more than their female counterparts.

The top three male incumbents raised a total of about $16 million more than the top three female incumbents.

And the average contribution to women candidates in the U.S. House was $967, compared to the average $1,051 men received.

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